Cancellation Right and Terms Online Shop (Harmony Energy Consultants Ltd.)

1. Right of return

Products sold via this website are based upon the many years experience of Karma Singh and his knowledge gleaned over decades of study and research in many parts of the world. Notwithstanding, as each human being is a totally unique individual and, as we have no control over exactly how you use the product purchased, we can and do offer no guarantee whatseover of any particular effect or success.

2. Title Retention

Any and all goods or services delivered remain our exclusive property until such time as irrevocable payment in full has been received by us. Payments to third parties do not constitute receipt of payment by us.

3. Data Privacy

Your personal details will never, under any circumstances be lent, sold, hired or in any other way made available to any third parties.

4. Contracting

Where payment is effected by credit card, you will be sent, per email, a link to download your purchased items. This will happen automatically as soon as your bank authorises payment (usually less than 30 seconds after you click the order confirmation button). Where payment is effected by cheque (in the U.K. only), the download link will be sent as soon as your bank clears the payment. This usually takes 4 to 5 business days.

5. Deliveries of physical products (Printed books, DVD and CD)

Despatch will take place by mail (air mail where appropriate) on the working day following completion of payment procedures.

6. Credit card debit/online check debit

Your account statement from your bank or credit card issuer will list this transaction as payment in favour of Harmony Energy Consultants Ltd. of Dorset, England. We recommend that you keep a copy of the order confirmation containing these details to check against your statement when you receive it.

7. Claims about products

This is the official website of the owner/creator/manufacturer of the product(s) purchased. Only claims made upon this website are admissible as true and correct statements about such products. Claims made by third parties cannot be construed as confirmed by us unless in writing directly by us.

8) English Law

In the event of any legal dispute, all contracts are subject exclusively to english law.