The Book

In 1963 or 64, there appeared in the newspapers in England a series of articles concerning the question of healing. The question posed was, “Is it real? Does it work? Or is it just a way of extracting money from the hopelessly ill?”
There were several stories of people who had been given a “death sentence” from the medicos but then went to a healer and regained full health.

When asked about these, the medicos replied, “That’s not healing, that’s spontaneous remission.” Asked to define the difference between healing and spontaneous remission and how one would recognise the difference brought one of two answers from the medicos:-

The most common answer was …………………….. (nothing. The question was simply ignored).
The second most common answer was, “You’re not a doctor. You wouldn’t understand it.”

This intransigence, not to say hubris of the medicos goaded me into trying to find out for myself. I had the great good fortune, even though I was, at the time, still a school boy, of being able to contact several healers and was permitted to watch them at work.

One thing became very quickly clear; healing is real: It works!

This immediately brought me to the next question, “What is different about these people who can do it?” It took somewhat longer to find the answer to this question but, in the end it became clear that the answer is, “Nothing at all!”

This discovery brought me inevitably (or so it seemed to me) to the final question. “If that is so, how can I do it?” Although I had still been a school boy when I started out on this course, I had by then been working in the “real world” for some time. With this as my objective there then began, for me, 15 years of study and research to find the answer or answers to that question. I did not (and do not) know of any way to be financed for such work and so this was my hobby which occupied at least two hours each day (at weekends, often much more). And then…..

In 1986, my life was turned upon its head (or, maybe, upon its feet at last) with the result that my hobby became my profession. It was time to apply what I had been learning for so long.

Over the ensuing decades, I learned and experienced steadily more in my “chosen” profession. To this day, I am still learning and it is indeed an exciting time as almost every month new discoveries are made.

These many years of study and practical experience have, gradually, brought me to the inescapable conclusion that we do not have a health care system but a massive illness industry based upon exploiting those in need of help.

There are six major areas in which conventional medicine is active. In the five most profitable, they are completely unable to show either competence or efficacy. Instead, they use the massive financial clout which they have gleaned to actively suppress effective healing techniques and public access to them.

This book is an expose of all the lies that we have been told and shows conventional medicine, other than in its true area of competence, i.e. wounds and broken bones, is not only totally ineffective but also the single greatest cause of unnatural death and crippling injury wherever it is practised.