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This is the first of two books which, together, represent a complete revolution in health care. This first volume shows exactly what conventional medicine is and why it does and never could do anything useful for humanity. Such a claim will come as a shock to many and this first book gives, therefore, a detailed analysis (in easy to understand terms) of exactly what pharmaceutical medicine is and why it does not and never could work. Even the very basis of pharmaceutical claims are shown to be, scientifically speaking, arrant nonsense. Experimental evidence also proves them to be nonsense.
This is part one of the book.

Part two lays the groundwork for a correct and functional healthcare system based upon knowledge of the true causes of disease - none of which includes the fabulous “germ theory” concocted by Louis Pasteur in France together with Robert Koch in Germany for the purpose of gaining wealth and fame. They both knew at the time that the theory is nonsense (as Pasteur posthumously admitted in his memoirs) but it was the money they were after.

The money has been the problem all along. The sole motivation for the present system is profit, not health. In point of fact, health would be very damaging for business and you will find a few harrowing stories in the book which show that many, many thousands have died for the purpose of increasing pharmaceutical profits.

A health care system with the aim of creating and maintaining health would cost no more than 10% of the present sickness industry - almost none of which costs would go to the pharmaceutical cartel.

A true health care system will eliminate the, after banking, second richest business and fraud known today.

It seems inevitable, therefore, that the pharma-cartel will make strenuous efforts to suppress the knowledge in this book once they become aware of it.

So, get your book now and then tell all your friends about it. There needs to be a copy in every household.

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Volume two (currently being written, July 2018) is a catalogue of the most “popular” diseases in the world today, their true causes and methods of ending them by removing the cause(s).