It’s a crime

Unless you live in Australia (and, probably, not even then) you may well not know that, when it comes to health matters, it is, perhaps, the most fascist country on the planet.

Benito Mussolini said in 1938 that Fascism should, more correctly, be called “corporatism” because it was all financed by giant corporations for their benefit. Those same corporations have, in the intervening decades, transformed themselves into the five cartels.**
Just look at the rabid reaction of the pharmaceutical owned press and medical fraternity to the posing of a simple question:


What we note here is that not one single word is said about the question posed. It is not even claimed that vaccines are safe. It is just stated most vehemently that having an opinion which differs to that of the pharma-cartel is a heinous crime and that not the slightest doubt that pharmaceutical medicine actually does what it promises can be tolerated.

This is, in its way, similar to the state of affairs in Germany over a different matter. It is, there, actually a crime to ask to study the Holocaust. Further than this, it is a crime to ask why it is a crime to ask to study the Holocaust. It is difficult to get more fascist than that!

The upshot is that the pharma-controlled Australian governments will almost certainly try to prevent your access to this book as it contains the answers to the questions you are forbidden to ask.

So act quickly, get your book now and SPREAD THE WORD; FAST!

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** Banking, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Agro-chemical and Military-Industrial